About Us

Tashny Sukumaran

Tashny is an independent researcher and consultant based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her research interests include gender equality, labour, migration, and human rights. She was previously a journalist with the South China Morning Post and a senior analyst with Malaysia’s Institute of Strategic and International Studies. Tashny is the founder of 50-50 Malaysia.

You can find her on Twitter @tashny, or on Instagram @_tashny.

Ash Menon

Web developer, Twitter enthusiast, and an infinite fount of bad puns and useless trivia. Also a vampire, but only on Thursdays. Once randomly showed up on a Japanese television program. In a pre-pandemic world, he enjoyed travelling the world. These days he plays video games and takes way too many pictures of his cat.

You can find him on Twitter @ashvinmenon, or on Instagram @ashvinmenon.

Vimal Kumar

In 2017, Vimal decided to jump off the corporate cliff. He is still in the midst of building his parachute on the way down. E-commerce, logistics, aviation, and entrepreneurship are all under his belt, although these days his main endeavour is putting clean energy into action. He occasionally joins 21 other men running around a rectangle chasing after one ball.

You can find him on Twitter @vimkumar11, or on Instagram @vimkumar11.